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Saclay, France

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Fan du LLB is an annual school delivered in French and offering young French-speaking researchers a first contact with real experimental neutron scattering. The school is aimed at students and post-docs working in all scientific areas where neutrons can provide valuable insights, although priority is given to those having never had any contact with neutrons scattering.

After an introduction to neutron sources and neutron scattering, ten different thematic subjects based on different scientific problems that can be addressed by neutron scattering, are proposed to the students. In groups of four to five, the students are then introduced to two different neutrons scattering technique, during three days devoted to experiments and data analysis. One of the distinguishing features of our school is that the students often come with their own samples, which are tested during the training together with our demonstration samples. This ensures a good and efficient participation of the students. The course lasts for 3.5 days.

The usual number of participants is 35.


Report on the 2013 school

The school’s participants and organisers told us about their experience. You can get to know all about it by watching the video below and reading the article available here .

School series - The 2013 Fan du LLB school School series - The 2013 Fan du LLB school

Watch our 2013 Fan du LLB video.